2018 Milestones

2018 was a year full of progress and accomplishments for ReconMR. We are proud to share a selection of our important milestones with our friends and clients.

What We Did

  • 2

    New Call Centers

  • 1

    Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with the Mayor

  • 525

    TCPA Compliant U.S. Based Stations

  • 623


  • 31,706

    BRFSS surveys completed on behalf of ICF

  • 501,590

    Fielding Hours

  • 6,000 Hours

    Dedicated to social science telephone surveys for NORC during a one-week field period.

  • 3,642 Hours

    To collect over 17,000 exit poll surveys and the vote results for over 1,300 counties for Edison Research

What It Took to Do It

  • 6,086

    Cups of Coffee

  • 200K-1M

    Miles Traveled

  • 722

    Breakfast Tacos

Who We Helped

  • Public Playscape


  • Wheelchair Basketball

    Benefit Sponsored

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ReconMR specializes in quantitative data collection for public opinion, political polling, social science, B2B and consumer opinion surveys with more than 20 years of experience delivering representative high-quality data and results. Platforms include Voxco and WinQuery using state-of-the-art inbound and outbound telephony and networking. Our staff is also proficient in a wide variety of client provided cloud-based or client hosted platforms.

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What They Said

  • We couldn’t have done it without Recon! For 62 consecutive days from Labor Day until Election Day, the team at Recon conducted interviews in Congressional districts across more than 20 states making history with our team as the NYTimes/Siena College Live Polling provided real-time insight into the pivotal 2018 election. Congrats to our partner extraordinaire!”

  • Recon completed 128,324.6 hours in 2018 for SSRS and completed 41,533 surveys. From just July-Dec, 76% of this work was completed (96,951.94 hours) and December was the largest month with 21,866.47 hours and over 4,000 completes.”