Corpus Christi Call Center

Keeping up with increasing client growth and demand, ReconMR has added a fifth call center to its network of Texas-based facilities.

Now the largest provider of onshore telephone public opinion research, ReconMR has increased its capacity through the opening of a Corpus Christi call center. This brings ReconMR’s seat capacity to 700, with the ability to field more than 100,000 interviewing hours per month. With the recent closing of a legacy market research firm’s Corpus Christi call center, an opportunity existed to provide immediate employment for this highly skilled and experienced staff. Within three weeks, ReconMR was able to negotiate a lease, procure all of the necessary infrastructure, connect the new site to the corporate data center, hire all necessary management, supervisory, and interviewing staff, and begin interviewing out of this location.

ReconMR looks forward to employing over 250 staff in Corpus Christi, and over 1,500 staff among all of its locations.

This opening is the latest in an aggressive growth strategy for the company. “We have made a concerted effort to stay on the positive side of industry consolidation in the telephone data collection space, creating a stable and sustainable company”, explains Lyle Durbin, ReconMR CEO. “While others in our industry have been struggling and, at times, closing, we continue to thrive.”

In 2015, through an acquisition of Voter Consumer Research, ReconMR expanded from 116 seats in its San Marcos location to over 300 seats across three locations. Again, in 2018, ReconMR moved/expanded its Bryan/College Station location and added a San Antonio location, growing to over 575 seats. The real estate transaction was conducted between Mutual Trust Corporate Real Estate of Austin and Stonewater Properties.

ReconMR is an experienced survey research company focused on delivering the highest quality data collection services in the industry.

“While we weren’t actively seeking to grow the call center side of our business, a uniquely beneficial opportunity was presented to us, one that we just had to jump on!”, says CEO Lyle Durbin.

This new location bolster’s ReconMR’s bilingual inventory as that demand in public opinion research is ever growing. Additionally, this staff has worked on many tracking studies that clients have now moved to ReconMR, bringing continuity to this research.

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