Data Collection

Our proven methods of data collection allow us to complete projects with efficiency and alacrity. Let ReconMR assist you with your next project.

ReconMR employs strict sampling procedures within its call centers. Surveys are programmed into a Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) system for controlled sample handling, questionnaire flow and skip controls, and expedited data delivery. Landline and cell phone numbers are managed by the CATI system. Cell phone numbers are hand dialed by our conscientious interviewers. Each telephone number is attempted a minimum of five times during various times of the day and week before a new record is selected for calling. Additionally, the CATI system allows respondents to schedule a specific date and time for callback to complete a survey. These procedures remove any bias from only completing surveys with easily reached respondents. This method also reduces self-selection and non-response bias.

If needed, ReconMR will conduct the surveys in the respondent’s language of choice by utilizing bi-lingual interviewers. If an English only interviewer encounters a Spanish-speaking respondent they will disposition the record as language barrier. All language barrier records are then loaded into a separate sample file and dialed with the Spanish-speaking interviewers using the same aforementioned protocol. The survey can also be programmed in both languages for bilingual interviewers to conduct the survey on the spot in the language of preference.

All interviewers will be specifically trained with the survey instrument, including practice sessions on the CATI script prior to working on the project.

ReconMR will perform continuous monitoring of the project while it is in the field in order to maintain our high interviewing protocol standards. ReconMR also encourages their clients to schedule monitoring sessions of the survey as it is in field to allow for modifications to the survey or interviewing protocols as needed.

Quality Enforcement of Data Collection

ReconMR’s Quality Assurance Team monitors and documents each interviewer’s performance on an ongoing basis. The floor supervisors in the call center coach and correct interviewers to ensure both quantitative and qualitative production requirements. In addition, a team of supervisors are remotely and randomly listening to interviewers and offer immediate correction when necessary. Clients are encouraged to schedule a remote monitoring session coordinated through ReconMR’s production supervisory staff. Clients can offer commentary and suggestions for improvement as well as hear the flow of the survey instrument themselves. Standard Verification throughout the data collection process, respondents from 10% of all completed interviews are contacted by a supervisor.

The supervisor verifies the following:

  • The survey was actually completed.
  • Specific data points are verified for accuracy.
  • The survey experience was pleasant for the respondent and appropriate etiquette was maintained.

Data Security

  • Highly secure data processing and management systems that adhere to AAPOR standards.
  • Our Data Security, Integrity and Confidentiality Policy has been scrutinized and approved by a variety of clients that adhere to HIPAA and FISMA compliance requirements.
  • All of our interviewers have had criminal background checks run on them and are required to sign confidentiality agreements.