Insights and Analytics

Diagnostics & Strategies

We’re problem-solvers at heart. We have a passion for solving problems for our clients. Whether that’s choosing the right approach and methodology, asking the right questions, or sifting through the data to find the pearls of insight for our clients – we love every minute of diving into the research to find the answers.

We base our research methods on proven social science techniques and reliable data collection methods to ensure our clients receive the highest quality research available. Diagnostic tools are built into every study to identify best ways for our clients to improve.

You can count on ReconMR for:

  • A true research partner who is looking out for your best interest
  • Strategic consulting based on reliable market data
  • Diagnostic approach to solving problems

Deep experience in:

  • Public Policy
  • Utilities and Energy
  • Financial Services

Strategic Market Research

We help our clients make more successful decisions in marketing, product development, and the design of customer experiences. We offer full-service marketing research and advanced analytics, provided by consultants with decades of experience spanning dozens of industries. It is the combination of vetted diagnostics and experience-based strategies that help us help you make better decisions. Our research tools are flexible and highly adaptable to your unique needs. Each offers guidance on how to change and reinforce consumer behavior.

Experience conducting research globally through:

  • Large- and Small-Scale Tracking Studies
  • Advanced Analytics (Structural Equation Modeling, Finite Mixture Modeling, Conjoint)
  • Human Needs Assessment
  • Support for Department Specific (e.g., parks, library, airports) Long Range Planning
  • Business Community Surveys
  • Employee Research
  • Focus Groups
  • One-On-One Interviews
  • Quantitative Surveys (Online, Phone, Mail, Intercept)
  • Data Mining

We offer a comprehensive range of analysis tools and capabilities that cover all marketing decisions:

  • Segmentation
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Engagement Scoring
  • Key Drivers Analysis
  • Pricing Analysis
  • Text Analytics
  • Message and Execution Refinement
  • Tradeoff Analysis (Conjoint, MaxDiff)