Data Collection and Insights Team Nathan Wiggin Vice President of Consumer Insights and Solutions

As the Vice President of Insights and Solutions at ReconMR, Nathan Wiggin plays a pivotal role in leading the public policy department within the company's full-service division. With 18 years of rich experience in market research, Nathan brings a wealth of expertise to his position, having worked both as a market research supplier and consultant, as well as gaining valuable insights from his time on the client side at prestigious institutions like the University of Washington and Microsoft.

Nathan's professional journey has been marked by a strong emphasis on study design, analytics, and clear communication of research findings to clients. He excels in crafting intricate research methodologies that yield meaningful data to guide decision-making processes, particularly in the realm of public policy and environmental sectors. His ultimate goal is to equip clients with the necessary information to enhance their services and plan effectively for the future.

What truly motivates Nathan is his insatiable thirst for learning and his passion for designing solutions to complex problems. He thrives on projects that challenge him intellectually and provide valuable insights to inform policy and decision-making. Nathan's notable accomplishments include co-running a successful research consulting firm for a decade, where he showcased his innovative approaches to research design and analysis.

Nathan holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy and History from Boise State University, laying the foundation for his multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving.

Outside of work, Nathan finds solace and inspiration in spending time with his family. His interests in electronics, machine learning, and mountaineering fuel his hobbies, which include CAD design, 3D printing, drones, and mountaineering. Additionally, Nathan is passionate about fostering his children's growth and enjoys engaging in whatever games they're playing.