Executive Team Jon Durbin Chief Financial Officer

Jon Durbin

As the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Jon Durbin plays a critical role in overseeing the financial aspects of the company. With three decades of experience in the market research industry, Jon brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his position. Jon's focus lies in essential financial functions such as cash flow forecasting and bank negotiations, ensuring the company's financial health and stability.

What truly motivates and excites Jon in his role is witnessing the remarkable growth and evolution of the company, from its humble beginnings to its current status as a major player in the market research field. Jon takes immense pride in the flourishing of CRI and now ReconMR, seeing it transform from a small company with occasional projects to a significant presence in the industry.

Jon holds an MBA from the University of Chicago, providing him with a solid foundation in financial management and strategy.

Outside of work, Jon finds fulfillment in traveling with his wife, Donna, especially enjoying international adventures. He also has a passion for traditional American dance forms, including clogging and square dancing, and dedicates a significant amount of time to volunteering as the CFO-Treasurer at Pioneer Farms. In his leisure time, Jon enjoys engaging in hobbies such as stamp collecting and indulging in puzzles, particularly enjoying Hand and Foot and jig saw puzzles.