Executive Team Michelle Vrudhula Chief Operating Officer

Michelle Vrudhula

Michelle Vrudhula holds the pivotal role of Chief Operating Officer within the company, overseeing a broad spectrum of responsibilities including operations, finance, human resources, and sales. With over 30 years of invaluable experience in the field of market research, Michelle brings a wealth of expertise to her role. Her professional journey encompasses various modes of data collection, ranging from quantitative to qualitative methodologies, providing clients with comprehensive insights tailored to their specific needs.

Michelle is an active member of various industry organizations holding both voluntary and leadership roles with the American Marketing Association, SAPOR and South Central Insights Association. What truly motivates and excites Michelle in her role is her passion for working with people, both internally and externally. She finds immense satisfaction in problem-solving, particularly in challenging situations, which enables her to deliver high-quality data and analytics to clients.

Despite her busy professional life, Michelle finds solace and inspiration outside of work in her love for family, gardening, and continuous learning. She enjoys exploring podcasts, learning new languages, and indulging in reading as part of her personal growth journey. Additionally, Michelle finds joy in engaging in puzzles, board games, or card games, which serve as a delightful pastime.