Data Collection and Insights Team Luke Thelen, PhD Director Advanced Analysis and Study Design

Luke Thelen

Luke Thelen Ph.D., is a seasoned methodologist and statistician, playing a crucial role within the company by leveraging his expertise in advanced methodologies and statistics. With 28 years of experience in market research and over 36 years of involvement in research overall, Luke brings a wealth of knowledge to his position. As both a methodologist and project manager, he oversees various aspects of projects, including survey programming, fielding, data cleaning, aggregation, basic statistics, and reporting.

Luke's professional experience spans a wide range of industries and analytical techniques, with a particular focus on conjoint analysis and segmentation. He has been involved in every stage of such projects, from inception to final reporting, and excels in addressing post-reporting questions and analyses from clients. What truly motivates and excites Luke in his role is the process of finding answers to clients' questions through research. He thrives on projects that require advanced methodologies, analytics, and pose methodological challenges.

Among Luke's significant accomplishments are his contributions to high-profile projects, including pricing and bundling research for the video game "Rock Band" by Electronic Arts and pricing research for Kroger's gas rewards program. Both of these studies involved conjoint analysis and have earned him recognition in the field.
Luke holds a B.A., M.A., and Ph.D., reflecting his dedication to continuous learning and academic achievement.

Outside of work, he is fueled by his two passions: international travel and wine. Luke combines these interests by visiting vineyards and wineries around the world, having explored regions across Australia, South Korea, Chile, Morocco, Italy, France, and Spain. Although not an avid game player, Luke enjoys picture puzzles, albeit sparingly, as he tends to become consumed with completing them.