Senior Leadership Alan Eisenberg Vice President of Technology Strategy

Alan Eisenberg

Alan Eisenberg is the Vice President of Technology Strategy, spearheading the design, development, implementation, and maintenance of information systems and software applications essential for optimal company operations, encompassing servers, routers, telephony systems, and more. With 31 years of experience in Market Research and Information Technology, Alan brings a wealth of expertise, particularly in programming CATI and WEB surveys, managing SQL databases, HTML, PHP, network design and implementation, and system integration. He finds motivation and excitement in projects that push the boundaries of current systems, enabling new integrations across diverse architectures.

​Some of his significant accomplishments include obtaining and maintaining SOC2 certification, developing a Dynamic Caller ID tool for the CATI system, and enhancing the reporting capabilities of telephony and survey systems.

​Alan holds a BA in Individualized Studies with a Specialization in Mathematics from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

​Outside of work, Alan cherishes spending time with his wife, Rebecca, daughters Helen and Sarah, and their two dogs, Daisy and Bruno. He enjoys family cruises and visits to theme parks. In his leisure time, Alan indulges in playing various abstract strategy games, finding satisfaction in their intellectual challenges.