Senior Leadership Christian Riepe Senior Vice President of Insights and Analytics

Christian Riepe

As the Senior Vice President of Insights and Analytics at ReconMR, Christian Riepe leads the full-service division, overseeing research projects, study design, and new business development. With an impressive 26-year tenure in market research, Christian brings a wealth of expertise to the table, honed through his extensive experience as a market research supplier and consultant.

Christian's forte lies in interpreting and communicating research results in a manner that resonates with his clients, enabling them to make informed business and marketing decisions. His professional journey spans across various industries, with a particular focus on energy, financial services, and retail sectors. Throughout his career, Christian has navigated projects of all sizes and complexities, showcasing his proficiency in multivariate quantitative analysis and adeptness as a focus group moderator.

What motivates Christian most in his role is tackling complex projects that distill down to a few critical insights. He finds immense satisfaction in presenting these insights to clients, guiding them towards the right path forward amidst intricate business landscapes. Christian's notable accomplishments include successfully running his own research consulting firm for seven years and holding leadership positions such as Past President of the Business Marketing Association chapter in Houston and past Co-Chair of the Marketing Research Committee for AMA Houston.

Christian's educational background includes a BA from Trinity University (Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa) and an MA from the University of Kansas.

Beyond work, Christian finds fulfillment in spending quality time with his wife and three adult children, accompanied by their two beloved beagles. An unexpected passion for Lego sets adds a playful twist to his leisure time, alongside indulging in strategy board games like Catan and word puzzles such as Wordle and the NYT Crossword.