Data Collection and Insights Team James Reidinger Director of Call Center Operations

James Reidinger

James Reidinger serves as the Director of Call Center Operations, overseeing a spectrum of responsibilities crucial to the company’s success. With 19 years of experience in the market research field, James brings a wealth of expertise to his role. Having traversed various facets of Call Center Operations, from interviewing to quality assurance, supervision, and management, James understands the intricacies of motivating employees to deliver high-quality data to clients.

His passion lies in developing employees for long-term success, driving his excitement for the role. James holds a degree in Human Services and is SHRM-CP certified, demonstrating his commitment to excellence in HR management.

Beyond work, James finds joy in early morning walks with his wife, indulging his passion for coffee, and immersing himself in graphic design as the operator of his own branding agency. He remains dedicated to personal and professional growth, aiming to become a thought leader in Human Resources, Leadership, and Management. Additionally, James and his wife enjoy tackling jigsaw puzzles together.