Data Collection and Insights Team Matt Monroe Project Manager

Matt Monroe

As a dedicated Project Manager, Matt Monroe specializes in CATI projects, overseeing the project life cycle from initiation to completion. With a career spanning since the winter of 2018, Matt began his journey in Market Research as a project support specialist, gaining versatile experience across various research methodologies. His expertise includes managing political surveys and Medicaid trackers in CATI, as well as focusing on legal web jobs related to civil cases, particularly copyright infringement. Before transitioning into project management, Matt was extensively involved in testing, data cleaning and analysis, and methodology report proofing and writing.

What truly motivates and excites Matt in his role is witnessing the seamless completion of project objectives, ensuring impeccable data collection and timely delivery. He finds fulfillment in ensuring client satisfaction by meticulously managing every aspect of the project.

Matt holds a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts with a focus on English and a minor in Marketing.

Outside of work, Matt’s passions lie in history and strategy games, which stimulate his mind and keep him engaged. His favorite games include Monopoly and Risk, reflecting his love for strategic thinking and competition.