Data Collection and Insights Team Ma’alaea Lawrence Research & Engagement Associate

Maalaea Lawrence

Ma'alaea Lawrence serves as Research and Engagement Associate, holding a pivotal role on the Insights and Analytics team. With a focus on meticulous attention to detail and efficient project management, Ma'alaea's primary responsibilities encompass a diverse range of tasks, including documentation during client meetings, questionnaire development, data visualization, report writing, and graphic design. Additionally, she adeptly manages several online survey panels, ensuring smooth operations and timely data collection.

Ma'alaea's professional journey encompasses varied experiences across different industries, each contributing valuable skills to benefit clients. With a background in biology, ecology, and horticulture, she brings expertise in scientific literature review, data analysis, technical writing, and data collection techniques for diverse research areas such as water quality, wildfire regeneration, and pollinator studies. Furthermore, her experience in commercial painting underscores her project management skills and environmental responsibility, evident in paint reclamation and mural donations initiatives.

Passionate about projects that have a tangible impact on society, Ma'alaea finds particular excitement in housing-conjoint studies and ongoing collaborations with transit agencies. She values the opportunity to contribute to essential areas like housing, zoning, and public transportation, recognizing their significance in shaping communities positively.

Ma'alaea holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Biology & Ecology from Western Colorado University, reflecting her dedication to environmental sciences and research.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Ma'alaea finds fuel in her love for travel, skiing, swimming, and playing the piano. An avid artist, her home doubles as an art studio, adorned with a plethora of art supplies for her creative endeavors. In her leisure time, she enjoys engaging in quiet, strategic board games like "Ticket to Ride" and cherishes nostalgic games of gin-rummy with her grandma.