Data Collection and Insights Team Sam Fleishman Client Relationship/Engagement Manager

Sam Fleishman

In his role as Client Relationship Manager at ReconMR, Sam Fleishman spearheads business development initiatives, particularly focusing on custom research within the public sector. With over two decades of experience in market research, Sam brings a wealth of expertise to the table, driven by his passion for exploring the link between consumer behavior and sustainable outcomes. His career journey is marked by a diverse background in research, strategic planning, and community engagement, with a strong emphasis on green building, energy efficiency, and innovation.

Before joining ReconMR, Sam garnered extensive experience in research and strategies for public-private partnerships, disaster recovery, smart cities, and resilience, including notable fieldwork collaborations with esteemed organizations like the Rand Corporation and ICMA on the Puerto Rico Municipal Assessment Project. Throughout his career, Sam has sold, managed, and conducted research projects across various industries and topics, adeptly navigating through all phases from proposal and design to reporting.

Sam's skill set encompasses both quantitative and qualitative methodologies, demonstrating proficiency in tracking studies, segmentation, attribute bundling studies, conjoint analysis, and in-depth interviews (IDIs). His educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies from the State University of New York at Binghamton, followed by a Master of Science in Marketing of Forest Products from the University of Washington.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Sam finds solace and inspiration in the great outdoors. Whether it's embarking on scenic hikes, romping over beaches with his two golden retrievers Ziggy and Zoe, or indulging in the art of beachcombing, Sam's love for nature is palpable. An avid car camper, he enjoys exploring the pristine landscapes of the Pacific Northwest with his family. In moments of leisure, Sam unwinds with a game of Rummy-Q or Catan, relishing the camaraderie and strategic challenges they offer.