Data Collection and Insights Team Vivian Daigler Senior Project Director

Vivian Daigler

Vivian Daigler brings over 13 years of comprehensive experience in market research to her role as Senior Project Manager. In her capacity, Vivian oversees all facets of each project, ensuring efficient allocation of resources, adherence to budgets and timelines, and the delivery of high-quality deliverables. With a diverse industry background spanning transportation, government, higher education, and public health, Vivian has spearheaded a wide array of studies, including customer satisfaction surveys, community assessments, household travel studies, and public opinion surveys. She is well-versed in various methodologies such as phone, online, mail, intercept, and GPS technology, leveraging both quantitative and qualitative analysis to derive actionable insights for clients.

What truly motivates Vivian in her role is the satisfaction of her clients and the recognition received from them and her Account Executives. She particularly enjoys working on community surveys and finds immense fulfillment in contributing to business development initiatives.

Vivian holds an AAS degree and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), reflecting her commitment to excellence in her field.

Outside of work, Vivian finds solace in spending time with her family, cuddling with her beloved pets, and nurturing her indoor plants, with a special fondness for orchids. Additionally, she enjoys engaging in leisure activities like solving jigsaw puzzles and playing games like Roll for it, which further showcase her penchant for problem-solving and strategic thinking.