Data Collection and Insights Team Terene Frazier Senior Project Director

Terene Frazier

With nearly 25 years of experience in the market research industry, Terene Frazier serves as the Senior Project Director at our company, overseeing both the Project and Programming departments. In her role, Terene is responsible for meticulously scheduling and coordinating projects, ensuring they align seamlessly with the company's overarching business objectives. Having embarked on her career journey in the mall intercept department of a full-service company, Terene has honed her expertise over the past 17 years, primarily focusing on CATI projects with a specialization in Healthcare and Political studies.

What truly motivates Terene in her role is the opportunity to be part of a dynamic and evolving industry. She finds excitement in the fast-paced nature of Political studies, relishing the challenge and intrigue they offer, especially when witnessing the tangible results they yield. Terene's journey to her current position stands as a testament to her hard work and determination, a significant accomplishment she takes pride in.

Terene pursued her studies at C.W. Post, now Long Island University, laying the foundation for her successful career in market research.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Terene finds fulfillment in spending quality time and traveling with her family. As a devoted sports mom, she wholeheartedly supports her children in their various pursuits and takes pleasure in cheering them on from the sidelines. Terene also enjoys unwinding by watching football and basketball games, as well as engaging in classic board games like Uno, Trouble, Life, and card games like Spades and Go Fish, which provide her with moments of relaxation and enjoyment outside of work.